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DECEMBER 28, 2006


Many web design and other tech companies look to squeeze every ounce of savings that they can. One of the most popular options is foreign outsourcing of work. The number one source of outsourcing is to India.

Why is Foreign Outsourcing Bad?

Foreign outsourcing to India, while it may produce immediate cost savings for a company, has a negative long-term effect on the American economy is not worth it. Companies who outsource work to foreign companies are in effect sending jobs overseas and creating less opportunities for hard-working Americans. They also run the risk of alienating customers as most American consumers don't want to talk to someone who's accent is so thick they can't understand, thus customer service suffers.

"Designed In America"

"Designed In America" is a new initiative started by Cybervision Web to encourge web design and other tech companies to reject the temptation to outsource work to India and help keep hard-working Americans employed. We believe that Americans are the leaders of technology in the world and should be given a chance by their fellow Americans to prove that it is so. Cybervision Web proudly takes up this mantle and we ask out fellow patriotic Americans to follow in our trailblazing footsteps!

What You Can Do

You can be a part of the "Designed In America" initiative by rejecting the temptation to outsource work to India and seek the many hungry Americans who are eagerly waiting to get their foot in the door. Join the "Designed In America" initiative today!


As you can see, foreign outsourcing of web design and tech work is bad for America so we encourage you to keep it "Designed In America".