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MARCH 30, 2006
(Updated January 23, 2010)


Despite ever increasing technological breakthroughs and advancing technology, some still are living in the Stone Age of the Web. Even though modern web browsers are easily available, some are still using web browsers that are obsolete.

Why Are People Still Using Old Browsers?

Even though modern standards-compliant web browsers are readily available and easily installed, some are still using web browsers that are sometimes three or four generations absolete! Why is this? The reason being is that some are forced to use obsolete browsers because their company has not or will not budget money to upgrade their browsers. Some institutions, like libraries, are unable to afford the expense of upgrading their computers. Lastly, some are just ignorant that better and more modern browsers exist.

Why Should I Upgarde?

The reason you should upgrade your web browser is that older browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer 4/Netscape 4) lack proper or full web standards compliance as set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium. Some older browsers have implemented web standards incorrectly (i.e. Internet Explorer 5.5). New web standards are being introduced all the time, allowing web designers work to be increasingly creative and efficient and greatly enhancing the end-user's Web experience.

Another reason is that today's modern web browsers also offer their uses customizable extensions that can greatly add in their user experience. Mozilla pioneered these extensions for their Firefox web browser and the competition is starting to follow suit.

Is My Web Browser Obsolete?

Some may be wondering by now, is my current web browser obsolete? Web browser companies are continually updating their products. Even Microsoft has finally gotten off their butts and realized that Internet Explorer is in desperate need of upgrading, as Internet Explorer 6 is the buggiest and has the least amount of support for current web standards of any modern web browser. The following are the current versions of each common web browser:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5.7
  • Opera 10.10
  • Apple Safari 4.0.4
  • Google Chrome


As you can see, upgrading your web browser to the current version is advantagious and easy to do. Most web browser companies allow you to download the latest version of their web browser from their respective websites.

Download the latest version of your current web browser by visiting the following web browser company's website: