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FEBRUARY 6, 2006


The reasons for optimizing your current website are varied. These can include increasing its downloadspeed, making it more search engine friendly, increasing its search engine ranking, and applyingmodern web standards.

Increasing Download Speed

Increasing your website's download speed is important because recent studies have shown that if a person has to wait more than 10-15 seconds for your website to download, they will move on to another one. As abusiness owner, you cannot afford to lose a single sale or lead. While your website may be fast downloading with a modern broadband connection, manyAmericans (about 40%) still use dial-up connections.

Search Engine Friendliness

Making your website search engine friendly is paramount in today's competitive market. In the past when websites were designed, they were designed mostly for aesthetics and functionality, without regard to how the design affected its accessibility to search engine spiders and bots. Certain web technolgies, such as Flash and frames, stop these spiders and bots in their tracks, and prevent them from properly indexing the pages on your website. Images can also cause problems for spiders and bots if the your images are not coded correctly.

Search Engine Ranking

Increasing your website's search engine ranking is also paramount in today's competitive market. Studies have shown that if your listing does not appear on the first or second page of the search results, it is extremely unlikely that your listing will be clicked by searchers. Therefore, increasing your search engine ranking should be a high priority for your business. Keyword optimization, inbound links, and online advertising can all help increase your search engine ranking.

Web Standards

Applying modern web standards has the benefit of not only helping to improve all of the above but also makes it faster and easier to maintain and update your website and decrease their related costs. See my web standards article "Why Web Standards?" for more details.


As you can see, website optimizing can greatly benefit the effectiveness of your website and help increase your business. Cybervision Web offers a full-range of affordable website optimiztion services. Contact us today and see what we can do for you!